I Made Some Art!

I'm sure we all know people, on social media and elsewhere, who never seem to enjoy anything and just moan and whinge about whatever they're watching or listening to, apparently unaware that you're actually allowed to stop watching or listening to things you don't like. So I've written some brief instructions for them.

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Lyrics and Chords:

[C]I made some [G]art! I'm [C]proud of what I [G]did
[F]Haven't had so [Am]much fun [F]since I was a [G]kid
[F]I'll put it [C]out there, [F]see what people [C]think
[F]Maybe you'll [C]adore it, [F]maybe feel it [G]stinks


[C]But re[G]member as you [C]listen to me [G]sing,
[F]Please don't be that [Am]person who des[F]pises every[G]thing,
You [F]know that one on [C]twitter, or the [F]youtube comment [C]box,
Who [F]never has a [C]positive re[G]action, just [C]mocks.


[F]If you don't [G]like it, It's [C]okay to move a[Am]long
Don't [F]need to listen [Am]any more, just [F]play another [G]song
[F]No need to [G]tell me you [C]didn't get the [Am]point
[F]There's plenty [C]out there, find [G]something to en[C]joy

It's [F]okay to un[C]follow, it's [F]okay to unsubs[C]cribe,
[F]Everyone's got [C]different tastes just [F]get on with your [G]life,
[F]No need to send me [G]insults, [C]no need to [Am]scoff
[F]If you don't [C]like it just press [G]stop