Kitty Hawk

This is a historical song. I'm pretty sure this is exactly how it happened on December 17th 1903

Lyrics and Chords:


It's a [A]freezing December [D]morning
And we're [A]sorry for the de[E]lay
But [F#m]we've re-attached the prop[A]ellor
So it's [B7]time to get under[E]way

You've [D]shown your passport, [A]checked in your case
You're [D]cleared by the folks from the [A]TSA
You've [F#m]got your duty free and [A]arrived at the [D]gate
At the [A]airfield at [E7]Kitty [A]Hawk


My [A]name is Captain [D]Orville
That's [A]Wilbur to my [E]right
We [F#m]welcome you a[A]board
For [B7]this historic [E]flight

We're [D]ready for de[A]parture now,
So [D]stow your bags, put the [A]armrest down,
[F#m]Fasten your belts then we'll [A]be off the [D]ground
From the [A]airfield at [E7]Kitty [A]Hawk


[A]We expect some [D]turbulence
So [A]please stay in your [E]seat
[F#m]When we reach an [A]altitude
Of [B7]just above ten [E]feet

The [D]engine is running, the [A]power is fine
We'll be [D]cruising after a [A]gentle climb
And be [F#m]at our destination in [A]12 seconds [D]time
The [A]airfield at [E7]Kitty [A]Hawk




A [A]hundred and twenty years [D]later
[A]Herded like a sheep to its [E]pen
You [F#m]mutter under your [A]breath
"I'll [B7]never fly Ryanair a[E]gain"

But [D]soaring over oceans in a [A]metal can
[D]Watching ancient movies and [A]eating something bland
Re[F#m]member that your [A]trip be[D]gan
With the [A]brothers at [E7]Kitty [A]Hawk
On a [F#m]windy Thursday morning on [A]Kill Devil [D]Hills,
The [A]airfield at [E7]Kitty [A]Hawk