A sad tale of lost love and mispronunciation. With apologies to any Welsh speakers, although my inabiliy to pronounce the town in question is somehow part of the joke... No, sorry, it's not a joke. It's a sad story. As you were.

This was inspired by hearing that Les Barker was one of few people to have managed to get the town in question into a song. Challenge accepted, I thought.

Lyrics and Chords:


We'd [D]been together [G]several years
An [D]internet ro[A]mance
I [G]vowed to meet my [D]Welsh be[Bm]loved
[G]When I had the [A]chance[A7]

We'd [D]rendezvous St [G]Mary's Church
By Ty[D]silio's red [A]cave
My [G]mind was set, my [D]words were [Bm]planned
The [G]ring had been en[A]graved

[G]Cleaned and pressed was [Bm]my best shirt,
The [G]one without curry [A]stains
[F#]Polished shoes and [Bm]combed my hair
I [G]ran to catch the [A]train

But while [G]asking for my [Bm]destination
I [D]watched it leave and had to [A]walk
To [G]Llanfair[D]pwllgwyn[G]gyllgogery[D]chwyrndrobwlll-


I [D]rushed across the [G]Menai bridge
No [D]time to take a [A]rest
But [G]by the time I [D]made it [Bm]there
My [G]love had been swiped [A]left[A7]

[D]Tongue-tied and tongue-[G]twisted
I [D]knew we'd grown a[A]part
In the [G]hollow by the [D]hazel [Bm]trees
I [G]nursed my broken [A]heart

But [G]I won't waste a [Bm]second more
In [G]getting out of [A]town
I'll [F#]take a train to [Bm]anywhere
I'm [G]able to pro[A]nounce

So I'm [G]yearning for new [Bm]love elsewhere
As I'm [D]sighing by the station [A]clock
At [G]Llanfair[D]pwllgwyn[G]gyllgogery[D]chwyrndrobwlll-


Yes I'm [G]yearning for new [Bm]love elsewhere
As I'm [D]sighing by the station [A]clock
[G][D][Bm][A]In [D]Rhyl