Terms of Service

Don't pretend you always read them...

(recording to come)

Lyrics and Chords:


[A]Welcome to our web site, there's [D]plenty to en[A]joy
[D]So much information and a [A]few cool [E]toys
[D]But when you use it you [A]have to make the [D]choice
To [Bm]abide by our [E]terms of [A]service[Asus4][A]

[A]We are allowed to [D]read your private [A]chat
[D]Here, have a cookie and [A]realise [E]that
[D]Your browser history [A]will be [D]tracked
[Bm]That's in our [E]terms of [A]service[Asus4][A]

[A]We can tell our [D]partners who you [A]are
[D]Something about advertising [A]blah blah [E]blah
You [D]probably haven't bothered [A]reading this [D]far
But [Bm]that's our [E]terms of [A]service[Asus4][A]

[A]We'll keep your data, [D]and we want some [A]more
[D]Install this implant so [A]we can read your [E]thoughts
Or [D]else we'll mail your mother and [A]tell her what you [D]bought
[Bm]That's in our [E]terms of [A]service[Asus4][A]


[A]Your first born is ours, you're [D]under our con[A]trol
[D]Click this button and we [A]own your [E]soul,
And [D]don't try to claim that [A]you weren't [D]told
You a[Bm]greed to our [E]terms of [A]service[Asus4][A]

Yes [D]when you signed up for [A]your ac[D]count
You a[Bm]greed to our [E]terms of [A]service[Asus4][A]
[D]When you listen [A]to this [D]song
You a[Bm]gree to our [E]terms of [A]service