The Devil Took An Uber To The Valley

The Devil doesn't just go to Georgia looking for souls. No, he also needs software developers to help maintain his internal systems, and where's he going to find them?

(recording to come)

Lyrics and Chords:


The [Em]Devil took an [D]Uber to The [Em]Valley
For [Am]Mountain View from San Francisco [B7]Bay
He [G]needed souls to [D]give his demons [Em]technical sup[C]port
To [Am]keep the furnace running night and [B7]day

Yes the [G]Devil took an [D]Uber to the [Em]Valley
[Am]Headhunting in cafes by the [B7]road
[Em]Looking for the [D]tell-tale signs of [G]t-shirt wearing[Em]geeks
Behind their [Am]laptops turning [B7]coffee into [Em]code


He [Em]found an engi[D]neer there named [Em]Johnny
[Am]Wielding emacs like a man pos[B7]sessed,
He said [G]"Johnny, you're a [D]wizard with the [Em]keyboard and the [C]mouse
But I'll [Am]make a wager I can do it [B7]best

[G]Which of us can [D]build a better [Em]server
[Am]More robust and faster under [B7]load
[Em]If you lose you're [D]hired for the [G]helpdesk down be[Em]low
And [Am]if you win you [B7]get to keep your [Em]soul"

[G]Johnny [D]keep your [A]head
[G]Johnny [D]get it [A]right
You went [G]in for capu[D]ccino and the [Em]wifi
And [Am]now you have to program for your [B7]life


Well [Em]Johnny made a [D]prototype in [Em]minutes
[Am]Fuelled by coffee, mountain dew and [B7]crisps
[G]Had an MV[D]P he thought would [Em]have the Devil [C]beat
'Cos [Am]Johnny wrote his prototype in [B7]Lisp

But the [G]Devil grinned and [D]rubbed his hooves to[Em]gether
As he [Am]showed off what he'd coded up in [B7]C
It [Em]might be buggy, [D] crash a lot, it [G]might be inse[Em]cure
But he [Am]said that it made [B7]up for that in [Em]speed


[Em]The Devil booked an [D]Uber from The [Em]Valley
Told [Am]Johnny "Now it's time for you to [B7]leave"
But [G]Johnny knew his [D]soul could still be [Em]rescued from dam[C]nation
He had [Am]one final trick up his [B7]sleeve

And the [G]Devil knew that [D]he had been de[Em]feated
The [Am]Devil knew his plans had turned to [B7]dust
When [Em]he saw Johnny's [D]fingers dancing [G]on his MacBook [Em]keyboard
Re[Am]implementing [B7]everything in [Em]Rust


[G]Johnny [D]keep your [A]head
[G]Johnny [D]get it [A]right
You went [G]in for capu[D]ccino and the [Em]wifi
And [Am]then you had to program for your [B7]life
And [B7]then you had to program for your [Em]life