The Noise

A shaggy dog story I found on the internet, set to music. I don't know what the original source is. Read the lyrics for spoilers. I apologise in advance.

Lyrics and Chords:


He was [D]caught in a storm, his [A]car broken [D]down,
On a [F#m]small country road so [D]many miles from [A]town,
[G]Spotted a monastery, [D]in the fading light,
[D]Asked them for help and a [A]bed for the [D]night


The [D]monks were kind and the [A]monks let him [D]stay
They [F#m]even fixed his car to [D]help him on his [A]way
But [G]while he tried to sleep there was a [D]beautiful noise
Like [D]a choir of angels with their [A]heavenly [D]voice

He [Bm]tossed and turned to resist the siren's [A]cry
And [Bm]in the morning as he waved the monks good[A]bye he asked
[G]"What was that noise that I [D]heard from my [G]bunk?"
They [D]said "We cannot [G]tell you because [A]you are not a [D]monk"


[D]As the weeks went by the noise [A]never left his [D]head
And [F#m]one day he drove by the [D]monastery a[A]gain
[G]Desperate to learn, he [D]had to understand
[D]What could make such a [A]glorious [D]sound

He [Bm]dropped to the floor to beg and to [A]plead
Im[Bm]ploring the monks to put his mind at [A]ease
He [G]said "I've got to know, it's been [D]in my head for [G]months",
They [D]said "We cannot [G]tell you because [A]you are not a [D]monk"


He [D]knew the only thing that could [A]put his mind at [D]rest
Was to [F#m]dedicate his life to be[D]come a monk him[A]self
He [G]went to the abbot, to [D]be ordained
[D]This is what the [A]abbot ex[D]plained

"You must [Bm]travel the world, count every grain of [A]sand,
[Bm]Every blade of grass in every [A]land
[G]When you are enlightened, when this [D]challenge has been [G]won,
[D]Bring us the [G]answers then you [A]will become a [D]monk"


For [D]decades thereafter he [A]set about his [D]quest,
[F#m]Searching the east, [D]scouring the [A]west
And [G]hair turning grey it was [D]time to return
To [D]tell them the answer they [A]wanted to [D]learn

"I [Bm]travelled the earth fulfilling your [A]task,
but [Bm]only God can know what you [A]ask"[Asus4][A]
They [G]said "Congratulations, your in[D]itiation [G]done,
You may [D]learn the secrets [G]of the sound, for [A]you are now a [D]monk"


They [D]led him to a door of [A]diamond and [D]gold
The [F#m]sound grew louder, he [D]shivered in the [A]cold
With [G]trembling hands, he [D]turned the key,
His [D]life's wish granted, he [A]dropped to his [D]knees

He [Bm]gazed in wonder as he realised what had [A]sung
The [Bm]song that had been haunting him since he had been so [A]young
I'd [G]love to tell you what [D]cast such a [G]spell
But I [D]don't know what it [G]was because [A]I'm not a monk my[D]self