They Don't Wear Clothes

In 1972, we (by which I mean humankind) launched the Pioneer probes, to Jupiter and beyond. There was a plaque attached to them, with a message to any alien who might find them, giving details about who we are and where we live. I wonder what they'll make of them?

In the video, the image with the utter filth at the end is of the plaque itself. It's in the public domain, and you can find it here.

Lyrics and Chords:


Be[C]fore the [G]launch of [F]Pion[G]eer
[C]Sagan [G]had a [F]bright id[G]ea
That [C]inter[G]stellar [F]space could [G]learn
A[F]bout what happens [G]on our world[Gsus4][G]

"We'll [F]glue a plaque on[G]to the craft
With [E7]facts and figures, [Am]charts and maps
When [C]ET inter[G]cepts our flight
They'll [F]understand what [G7]we are like"

With [C]half an [G]eon [F]on the [G]clock
It [C]crashed in[G]to a [F]distant [G]rock
Dis[C]covered, [G]mangled [F]and des[G]troyed
By [F]otherworldly [G]humanoids

And [F]in the wreckage, [G]still intact,
Was [E7]NASA's message [Am]on the plaque
So [C]this is what they [G]knew
About [F]nineteen seventy [G7]two:

"They've [C]got four [G]limbs with [Am]hands and [F]feet
I [F]guess they must be [G7]made of meat
They've got [C]ears, [E7]eyes, a [Am]mouth and [F]nose,
In fact they're [F]just like [C]us but they [Dm]don't [G]wear [C]clothes.[G]

[C]Looking [G]closer [F]at the [G]picture
The [C]lady's [G]roughly [F]five foot [G]six and
The [C]bloke is [G]taller [F]and he's [G]waving
They're [F]rigorous a[G]bout their shaving[Gsus4][G]

They're [F]from the outer [G]spiral arm
They [E7]know of pulsars [Am]near and far
But [C]are there things they [G]haven't shared
About [F]what goes on [G7]over there


There [C]must be [E7]more you [Am]would sup[F]pose
Than that they [F]look like [C]us but they [Dm]dont [G]wear [C]clothes


I [C]wonder [G]if they [F]ever [G]fight?
Are they [C]all so [G]thin, [F]all so [G]white?
[C]All the [G]same or [F]more [G]diverse?
Is the [F]man or woman [G]treated worse?[Gsus4][G]

Do they [F]laugh and joke, [G]sing and dance?
Do [E7]only rich ones [Am]get a chance?
Do they [C]let each other [G]live their lives,
Or do [F]just the winners [G7]still have rights?

We [C]know a[G]bout their [Am]species' [F]form
And I [F]guess their planet [G7]must be warm
But [C]in the [E7]end, [Am]all we [F]know
Is they [F]look like [C]us but they [Dm]don't [G]wear [C]clothes


[C]Let's re[E7]ply before their [Am]sun ex[F]plodes
They look [F]just like [C]us but they [Dm]don't [G]wear [C]clothes."