Zeno's Song

If you know about Zeno of Elea, you can probably guess where this one's going...

(recording to come)

Lyrics and Chords:


I'd [C]like to sing a [G]song for [C]you
I'd [F]like to sing it [C]all the way [G]through
[C]But before I [G]get that [C]far
I [F]have to [C]sing you [G]the first [C]half [G][C]


And [C]before that I [G]think I [C]oughta
[F]Sing the whole of [C]the first [G]quarter
[C]Even then you'll [G]have to [C]wait
Un[F]til I've [C]got through [G]the first [C]eighth [G][A7]


[D]And of course I'll [A]need, I [D]reckon
The [G]first sixteenth, then [D]thirty [A]second
[D]Sixty fourth, one [A]twenty [D]eighth,
I'll [G]barely [D]get out [A]of the [D]gate [A][D]

[D]I can't see a [A]good so[D]lution,
I [G]guess this [D]song's just [A]an [D]illusion